Monday, June 27, 2011

EYOF 2011 Tennis Courts Are Ready

The Competitions of Hürriyet Tennis League are being held in newly constructed tennis courts.

The construction of the Tennis Courts Complex for EYOF 2011 has been completed and opened for testing events.

The Competitions of the League, where 250 athletes from 40 clubs participate, are carried out in Beşirli Tennis Courts Complex.

The complex that has been completed in 17 months costs approximately 20 million Turkish Liras. It includes 1 main court with the capacity of 4500 spectators and 12 outdoor, 3 indoor courts and 1 children court. There are the dressing, media, doping, medical and VIP rooms, cafeteria and the other social facility areas.

Secretary General of Turkish Tennis Federation Naci Numanoğlu has mentioned that the tournament would be held for the first time in Turkey and said, "This tournament is very important to test the venue before the EYOF".

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